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6 Hiking Gear That Will Uplift Your Hiking Experience (2019)

We Tasted So that You Could Live hassle Free Life

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Try not to waste your cash on hiking gear that is a whole lot of nothing; I've effectively done that for you! Here's my trail-tried best climbing equipment list review for 2019, refreshed consistently.Available at eBay.

I suggest climbing gear that I've utilized more than many miles. I don't post any paid audits and don't squander your time with apparatus that I attempt however isn't adequate.

Hiking Gear list (Best Picks)

Garmin In Reach Mini

Garmin In Reach Mini

If you are ever hiking out of cellphone range, you need this hiking gear. The Garmin In Reach helps you to send and receive text messages where cell phones don’t work. It uses satellite technology.

Apart from this you can inform your family that you’re okay, and you’re running late, or it can be used as an emergency signal. It comes with weather reports and navigation tools.

Garmin Watch Fenix 5

I use this mapping watch every day. It is a GPS with maps that you wear on your wrist. I mostly use it for tracking my hikes and load GPX tracks onto it that I want to follow.

Outside of hiking, I use this Fenix to have an eye on my heart rate, my sleep, all my other workouts, and it integrates with my smartphone.

MSR Guardian Purifier

MSR Guardian Purifier

It is a small, bullet-proof water purifier. Allows me to take water from streams. Apart from this, it helps to refill my supply.

Petzl Headlamp

Petzl Headlamp

Its a simple headlamp with 240 hours run time that too in low power. It’s a simple lamp, and it works when you need it to. Don’t forget the extra batteries.I don’t make long trips, with my longest being a week. Here’s what works well for me.

Rei Sleeping Bag

Rei Sleeping Bag

It is the best 3 season sleeping bag available at an affordable price. REI sleeping bag weighs about 2 lbs, is water-resistant, and packs down small. I wouldn’t use it below freezing, but for anything else, it’s excellent hiking gear product.

la Sportiva Hiking Boots

la sportiva

If you want long lasting hiking boots, I would recommend the La Sportiva Syntheis hiking gear. Luckily Amazon has them that too for both women and men. Its Still a great option.

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